E4 Rematch

So I’ve got Darkrai, defeated the professor in Holon and finished Taen’s quest but, I still can’t rematch the E4, does my team need to be at a certain level or is there another postgame quest that I must do before rematching E4?

You must do the Reukra Quest first. Go down to the Perfection Base to the place where you first fought Taen. There should be a note telling you where to go next. If the note isn’t there yet, you might want to complete a couple more quests. These consist of:

  1. Wait for a call from Damian to continue his questline.
  2. Go to the Deyraan Town and talk to the guy at the base of Mount Rose

level 115+ minimum required. they have a level 120 team

nope, I had a team with mons at 105 and 1 at 110 and the E4 were at 110 and the champions at 106-107

the e4 rematch scales similarly to the first e4, with a minimum level of around 101