E4 Rematch Team

I’ve done all the postgame stuff up to the E4 rematches, and I’m trying to figure out a team comp for it. My playthrough team was Sonic the Typhlosion, Tails the Lucario, Sharkboy the D. Haxorus, Draconian the D. Charizard, Permafrost the male D. Gardevoir, and Cuboner the Marowak.
Now, I’m also open to using the Crystal Piece Primals (Girlytina the Giratina, Dunkey the Arceus, and Colossus the Regigigas) as well as Blaze the Mewtwo.
I’m thinking Blaze, Sonic, Tails, Dunkey, Girlytina, and Cuboner/Colossus (i’m undecided, probably gonna be Colossus, since i can’t garuntee Cuboner’s always gonna be Mega)
I might consider using James the Darkrai or Covid the Deoxys, but it’s unlikely.


Also, really random, but I think the Fortnite got to Tails’ head. (the joke is that i call Lucarionite “Lucario fortnite”, and this screenshot is from right after the first time I mega evolved him


Yeah, some people reccomend going all primals, but it feels rather cheap using a mon with so many immunities not names Shedinja. I’ll come back with a complete review later when I’m on PC.

Edit: Just realized you already beat them. IG I’ll start a new post.