E4 no deaths

So I’m curious is there a way to cheese the E4 with no deaths

Full team of primals and an Uber tier mega xD (only available for the rematches tho cuz crystal pieces and such)

Pre E4 rematch full OU stall works well for the elite 4 themselves though the champ is significantly more difficult. I’d imagine a full baton pass team could get the job done also with an appropriate sweeper, again pre rematch.

Well I mean I can do all of them no fainting except for eduardo and if I’m unlucky london

OH yea, I just did it, and I’m so happy ngl

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ayyy, congrats man! go get yourself some red mons xD

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Can they be bred? I’m not sure probably not right? Bc mine have bad natures/IVs

they can’t no. However, if you saved right after beating the E4 run you can load a backup and SR until you get a better nature :))

Didn’t do that but oh well, they can just be trophies lmao

hahaha ig. Their burst moves are p good tho so even if you got bad natures they aint too bad to try at least (oops repeated that last bit)