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E m p y r e a n

I know this is overdone but I haven’t done this and it’ll be my first look at it so stay tuned.

Starting off what starter should I choose?

Nvm what the hell is this?

u should pick tepig

u probs alr chose but j dont pick chiko cuz u get another one p early on

Haven’t chosen because I was eating

u battle as ur dad

I’m choosing between Delphox and Decidueye. Which one?

I’ll choose the one the first person who replies chooses

Another option for no reason: Empoleon because the shiny looks cool


or if one of the two delphox

Alright Delphox it is


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rip ada

are you happy

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Btw each user will have tell me to catch one Pokémon and that one will be named after them.

Where’s the Pokecenter in callister town

Found it nvm

ayo, delphox is a great choice, it rlly carried my team during late game xD
gardevoir is also a good one that rlly helped, depends if ur willing to double up psychic tho