Dupped mons?

So, I’ve been wonder trading for the past couple hours and I’ve gotten the exact same D. Charizard twice wich are exacly the same. Same level, nature, iv’s, ev’s, pokeball, ot… is this a common thing or?

Its likeky that there arent many people doing wonder trade.

I`be goten a luvdisc and a gastly form you in a few minutes.

I don’t mean getting the same species, i mean, getting the exact same pokemon, I have 2 wich are exacly the same

That sounds like a glitch in the game.

I`m gona try wonder trade a lot to see if i can trigger it.

Actually the devs just updated it and the wondertrade can duplicate mons. The more people that wondertrade, the more it duplicates. (Also hi I’m hula, I traded w u a lot lol)

Ohhhh I see… Where u the snivy guy?

nah, I did the ralts+noibats and all the misnamed mons lol

I hate your damn misnamed mons dude xD

cheers for the noibats tho, they hella ute

hahaha ur welc, and ya hope they help :))

OTs are really useful for the game corner, and I got about 50 yesterday w ur help so thanks for that xD

What do you mean? OT’s and gc?

having more Ots gives you a higher chance of getting good prizes at the daily lotto at the game center (if you get all the 5# correct you get a mb too haha)

what’s a mb?

Master ballllll :raised_hands::raised_hands: