Dream Mist

How can I get dream mists? I’m aware they can be found in the Dream Realm, but where specifically?

You can have the chef in Selene City cook one for you using 3 rare candies and 1 IV stone and I believe you can win them in the battle frontier.

Can’t believe I’m asking this, but where is the battle frontier again? I have the worst memory possible.

Roggan town.

I don’t believe we can win it at battle frontier as it is bugged.

Are you doing the Challenge Championship? That’s a bug I noticed too. It should work for Battle Tower though. You have to get a minimum streak of around 50 though.

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Yes I am talking about the challange championship. I have tried only that one as blaziken was not banned there :stuck_out_tongue:
Haven’t tried other yet though. Will do soon.

I don’t think Blaziken is banned in the other ones. The only bans should be a handful of cover legendaries and mythicals.

Speed boost one is banned I believe. And pretty sure it’s for the best