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Δ Dragonite Line Variant

I made these an year ago but never got around to posting them since i went innactive lol, nevertheless here is my version of the Delta Dratini line.

Delta Dratini: Fire/Dragon type.
These red Dratini are born in big caves located in volcanos. Instead of eating normal food, it consumes gold found in volcanic rocks and drinks lava found in the depths of the earth.

Delta Dragonair: Fire/Dragon type.
It’s golden drill-like horn is used as an metal detector, being able to find rare minerals deep underneath the earth. These Dragonair can usually be found swimming on lava pools or digging tunnels to find ore to consume.

Delta Dragonite: Fire/Dragon type.
Unlike its other counterparts, this variant of Dragonite is cruel and sadistic, its malice being overpowered only by its love of gold. Legends has it raiding castles in search of gold and royalty in times long gone.

Ability: Flame Body
Hidden Ability: Gold Rush
(Increased money gain after winning battles by 1.5x, stacks with amulet coin)

So, i designed these guys based on d&d dragons, specifically red ones, if you coudn’t tell by the collor, lol. Considering its my first ever pixel art, im pretty proud of it.


Could u pls make images larger its really painful to see them like this


Scientifically mind blowing to see a species drinking molten rock like water. Must have a weird AF body chemistry. Still excellent inspiration spice and concept. Really love the HA.