Dragon Friend Safari

Hey there ;D If you have a dragon friend safari, post it pls, thank you very much. (The reason for this thread: a lot of people are interested in dragon safaris with good slots… I haven’t found a good one yet… Each person has a differently definition of good… ;D so show us what you’ve got.)

Perfect (in my opinion) would be: Slot 1: Tyrunt Slot 2: Vibrava/Sliggoo Slot 3: Shelgon/Zweilous

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Are you looking for a particular Pokemon?

you can find a list of friend safaris here on the wiki: http://wiki.p-insurgence.com/Friend_Safari

They’re all listed by type, so have fun hunting for pokemon :slight_smile:

@Shaymin @SerenityFaithful The thing is: I’m searching for a dragon safari with 2-3 good slots… Not a safari where I can find only one good pokemon… I want to shiny hunt, so if I get a shiny, it should be to 66.67%-100% a good pokemon ;D

Ps: The safaris listed in the wiki aren’t “good” ;D

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I have this in my safari SLOT 1: Swablu SLOT 2: Sligoo SLOT 3: Shelgon

Safari name: Tomelot

Try Libra? Tyrunt, Vibrava, Shelgon.

Elroyng -> Swablu, Vibrava, Shelgon
is another one too :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx for your help :wink:

mine is zweilous , swablu and druddigon i like it even when it could be better

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