Dragon dance on totodile bugged?

I just caught a Totodile level 16 with water gun, rage dragon dance and crunch (torrent as ability), but i get a bug every other time I use dragon dance
Dragon dance 1: 1.5 ATK, 2.5 SPD
Dragon dance 2: 1.0 ATK, 2.0 SPD
Dragon dance 3: 1.5 ATK, 2.5 SPD
Dragon dance 4: 1.0 ATK, 2.0 SPD
and so on.
So now I’m wondering if i just have a buggy totodile, or is Dragon dance itself bugged?

It’s a buggy totodile. I’ve used dd before and it works normally.

that totodile’s high af

How many rare candies and dream mists do you think it’s on?

probably like 30 mists. it would a crocnow if it did rare candies

True. What about iv stones?

probably just ate them like rock candy