Download Issues (file won't unzip) **MAC**

I am having trouble downloading the game; actually the game downloads but I can’t “unzip” the file with the unzip program I run. I am using an up-to-date Mac, and I am in no way whatsoever a tech guy, I just want to play some Pokemon (meaning that all that computer tech talk won’t help me). All I know is, when I try to unzip the file, the same way I have for other files, it will just kill the program. Any suggestion?

Try using the mirror download as the standard download is a rar file and requires 7-zip or something similar to extract the mirror is just a zip file for ease of use

@levi506 The person’s on a mac, the built-in program should be able to unzip .rars and .zips.

Like levi said i would try the mirror or just redownloading, have you tried multiple times? sometimes downloads can get corrupted

okay so I re-downloaded the game without needing to use the unzip application anymore. As you said it seems to have unzipped itself unlike the first time I downloaded it. However, the game will still not open at all, saying that my computer won’t open any apps unless its from the App Store or something. “Pokemon Insurgance” is displayed on my computer as the wineskin winery icon, is that supposed to happen? I downloaded the actual wine skin winery application, and when I try to load it up it says “wineskin is currently busy please wait”, and apparently this is an issue others have had.

Try opening the game once more then:

Go to System Preferences, Security & Privacy, and there should be a notice saying that Pokemon Insurgence was blocked from opening. Click Open Anyway, then click Open, and it should work.