DOS is the Boss (kidding)

So…Uhhh…ur… Well my name DoS or DOS,Im A coder and I know a little bit of hacking. I Love Pokemon. (who don’t?). Im currently 19-years-of-age.I was born With ADD and Autism, so I know pokemon info like the back of my hand. Im am horrible at art, but good a making code strands. I like Pokemon Insurgence because of the Deltas. If Theres one thing they can do to make the game better its add more pokes. but my opinion and every one is a critic.if anyone needs help i’ll help out the best I can.

Dos out.


Hi! If you ever need team building help, just call me! I’ve made a series called competitive trainer school. It teach you the basics of competitive Pokémon, breeding in-game and team building.


Nice to meet you, I’m ezlaturbo. I enjoy messing around with teams to create weird strats.

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so like you would make a slaking with insane speed?

Thats so cool, I code for Nintendo, All I do is make sure the code runs.


nah, id give it entrainment/role play/skill dwap if it gets mimic/copycat