Don’t need anymore (AKA completed)

Trading Name: gostosa

Offer: snover

Request: any Pokémon with teleport

Further info:I’m stuck in the water, and I can’t move, and I just started the game, so I can’t fly, so I ask anyone that has a Pokémon with teleport: trade it with me, so I won’t need to restart the game, and I don’t have any save files(snover is the only Pokémon I have besides my startee). Thank you!

By the way, just trade if you want to help me, thank you!

You can reload from a backup save to get out of this.

It didn’t work because I spammed quicksave while I was stuck, and as stated in the guide if you do that you can’t get out, but thank you, I still need a Pokémon with teleport, if you have one please trade it with me, like an abra or whatever.

i can send you an abra, i’m up to the E4

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