Doing a random nuzlock

so after beating the game and post game i am now doing a ramdomizer nuzlocke.

ill basicaly be documenting my experience and asking for advice thats it.

That’s not really a question. You should’ve just put it under general discussion no sub category

i put the questions cause ill be doing things like

‘‘whats the best of these starters’’

but i guess thats more of the comments instead of the post i guess

god dangit the ramdomizer aint working

that normal?

just wanna make sure if i need to do something with the files and stuff

well well well if it aint him

so who is the best of these

who changed it to fanmade content and lets play videos

im just asking for advice on stuff

went for the vileplume and its naive. greaaaaaaaaaaaat

aight got the balls and the lock started


you better not crit you rodent

then it crits :sob: :laughing:

found my new meat shield

im sad

i found out that in the cave i could have gotten delta tentacruell/ forretress and cubchoo

oh you gotta be kidding me

my run almost just got ended

the god dank cultist