Does the 'first encounter in each route' count towards the nuzlocke challenge in Insurgence?

So I looked up the general nuzlocke rules and I came across this:

Rule #1. You can only capture the first Pokémon you encounter in each new area you explore.

Does this apply to Insurgence? probably not

I just encountered a problem. My party is currently full. But 5 of the 6 pokemon have fainted and I cant deposit the dead ones. What do i do? >_<

i dont know about that since its probably something technical just wait for an admin or something sorry :frowning:

You have to release them. This is to prevent healing by depositing in the PC and then withdrawing again.

This is a self-enforced rule because there are so many Nuzlocke variations that it would be counterproductive to establish cases where the player is able to run into a new encounter on the same route for each and every variant.