Does the Delta Lotad trade disappear after 1.1.8?

When I watched a youtuber, playing insurgence, he traded a dragon type for the delta lotad. When I downloaded it after him, and got to Helios City, the firebreather trader wasn’t there? is this a bug? Thanks, if you can help? (I went to the exact house)

The guy still is there for me (on 1.2.3). Maybe he’s in a different house now?

Are you on 1.1.8? Cause your comment on this post(deleted now for necroing) and your title makes me assume that, and delta lotad was never in 1.1.8 to begin with. Update to 1.2.3.

Thanks, but i’m on mac and i don’t know how to update? also the guy who gives the tm roar isn’t there… but still, I LOVE this game! :smile:

download the 1.2 core and the 1.2.3 patch then put your saves in the 1.2 core and drag and drop all the files in the patch into the core

Thanks, i’ll try that on mac! :smile: