Does anyone know what this problem means?

I got this problem while trying to upload my base.
Insurgence base error

I don’t know what the error means but is your base one of the mini bases? Those are bugged and disallow you from uploading them.

So do I have to use a big one? I liked the small ones since it’s all more compact :confused:

As do I. But yes, it has to be a big one. Use the ice base to get the closest experience to a small base. Just put a teleporter near the door on the top-left where the computer also sits.

Tried uploading it, still pops an error that looks almost the same.
Insurgence base error 2

If that’s still the case after you changed to a normal-size base, I don’t know what the issue is.

Is it possible to start a conversation with a mod? I’d like to ask for it… Either that or @ someone that is a mod… Still kinda new in here.

I wish you luck in finding one that is online. :sweat:

Uploading for any base I believe will currently show that error.

Oh… Then I have to wait until it gets fixed for my friends or someone to go into my friend safari? u.u