Does anyone know an quick and easy way to get exp

I played Insurgence a while back (before the update) and i was able to get defeat the second augur and was waiting for the new update.

So i started preparing my team and found post in the old forum showing a really easy way to quickly evolve my pokemon, and it was the following:

I would go to my pokegear, enter the memory chamber, and then search for “Elder Clint Eastwood” and he would only have a Electrode with explosion, and do to the fact that i had a delta charizard i would get the exp but wouldn’t take damage (extremely easy way to get ex)

Now i’m back with a fresh insurgence character (because my computer’s data was cleaned) and i’m trying to find some other easy way to do that but not so cheaty do to the fact that it was altered. It would be great if someone could create a tutorial or something like that

Level Trainer + Lucky Egg

Yeah, level trainer + lucky egg works. Easy way to grind for money too.