Does anyone have quick feet sroomish?

Trading Name:Fighterwolf3

Offer: D. Grimer and heart scales

Request: quick feet sroomish

Further info:breloom is my favorite pokemon and i want 1 with technician

Sure, I can breed you one for free. What nature do you want?

If this is your first time trading, this post explains how to trade.

thnx when will it be rady?

i meant ready ps also could you name it Mr.srooms

i want adamant natured plz

Sure. It’s ready and I’m on discord now.

wait a minute

im ready

My tradename is sleepy No caps. Sending the request now

ok i sent it too

lets try again

Okay, let me know when to send the trade.

wait i sent you the wrong tradename

my real one is Fighterwolf3

It’s not Dan? That’s what was in your post.


Okay, let me know when to send the trade.

yeah i made a mistake sorry

im ready