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Does anyone have delta ralts or kirla?!?!?!?

Omg, the first time i went online and clicked wonder trade… I TRADED MY DELTA KIRILA. its probably not rare and stuff but i loved it. It had 80 something Sp Def. Evs and alot more… it was lvl 25 somewhere near there. I just want another one…

Also it was my highest friendship and honestly biggest lost, although there willl never be another one like it.

what can you give

i can give :stuck_out_tongue:

for free or no?

i dont knw yet.

eh i would like an iv stone but not nessecary

i could trade tommorow

and wow u replied fast!

for free though? or no, and i probably cant be on tmmrw
oops didnt see the iv stone. Im on 2nd gym where can i get that?

smash rocks

IF i cannot @IndianAnimator than perhaps i could train one of your pokemon’s evs. I do it all the time. If you do and i don’t give it back, pls report me for scamming. Just tell me the evs you want.

i dont have rock smash

any fighting moves work :+1:

any fighting move works on rocks? ok.

I would really like it today. If you want anything extra i understand. @IndianAnimator

let me breed it

oh you are going to make a new one to give to me?

yes it’ll takes some moments

@IndianAnimator @Emerald241111 i had just made my acc today and i just ran out of replies read this
My trading name is Derpysaga wait i am not online
it says you are not online

Do you want me to ev train a pokemon for you?
wait lemme get another pokemon
@IndianAnimator where have you went

@IndianAnimator (idk if this works like discord) but thxs for the ralts and by tmmrw i will probably have iv thing.

Maybe I should have replied to this