Does anyone have a delta aipom or ambipom?

Trading Name: Username371

Offer: Charizard / Sceptile / Empolion / Feraligator

Request: Delta aipom / delta ambipom

Further info: can anyone trade me a delta aipom or ambipom because the one in my game killed itself

I have a Delta Aipom egg. Does the level matter?

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thats fine when can we trade

We can trade anytime, really.

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Dude, he just asked me to breed him one in my page lol. IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN!!


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lol i only asked u for one coz i was waiting for a reply

@Luke_Lade can we trade now

Ohhh, that makes sense, I guess I don’t have to breed one then

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i dont think hes online rn so can we trade?

Just send another reply when you can trade. I was doing stress tests, sorry.

i can trade now

Alright. I’ll be sneding a request in a sec. My trade name is TailsFx.

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ok im gonna go online rn

im online

Have you logged in with the Dexnav?


It says you aren’t online .w.

ill send u a trade request