Does 1.2.4 patch work immediately after unzipped?

I downloaded the 1.2.4 test patch, and I loaded the game. I suck at computer stuff, but does it automatically work or do I have to do something? :sweat_smile:

Firstly, you need some sort of Insurgence core, think of it as a “base” with the essentials. The latest is the 1.2.3 core, downloadable on this website at the top. This automatically works and you can play the game.
The 1.2.4 patch is, well, a patch. It’s not a base, so it doesn’t have any of the essentials, rather it is used to replace(or “patch”) certain 1.2.3 files.
If you have the 1.2.4 patch then I assume you have access to the Insurgence discord. I believe they have a FAQ portion that tells you how to apply the 1.2.4 patch(I’m not sure however, I haven’t been on in ages).
If you aren’t comfortable with patching and stuff, I’d strongly suggest just getting the 1.2.3 core at the top, that automatically works when downloaded and unzipped.