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Dodrio Moveset

What generation movesets does this game use?

I’m training a Dodrio, it’s at level 39 and in the Sun/Moon movesets it should learn Swords Dance at level 38 but did not.

Regardless, it also failed to learn its signature move, Tri Attack which is either learned at evolution or level 34 depending on the generation.

What’s the deal?

I’m not normally a Dodrio fan but at my current point, it’s one of just two flying options available.

The ORAS one.

Alright thanx but that still doesn’t explain it missing Tri Attack, in that generation it was supposed to be learned at level 34. My Dodrio is level 39 and hasn’t learned it.

In ORAS it’s supposed to learn it at 25, a level before it can evolve. Use a move relearner to teach it.

Good thought though I’m no longer using the Dodrio.