Do we ever receive Mew

After finishing through all whats available will mew ever actually be in our party?

Like Nora has Celebi so wheres our mew?

(I guess that was minor spoilers but its very early on)


We aren’t even the REAL chosen champion of Mew.

Yes, all pokemon including mew will be available in the next update.


All? My body is ready.


Yes we are.

ALL POKEMANS?!?!? Ermagherd. Can’t wait. :grimacing:

We are the chosen champion of mew. It’s just that it’s scared to join you since your evidently not strong enuf to protect yourself.

In this game, a legendary only helps you if you caught it, or if you were chosen by it. You can tell you have not caught because you don’t own him. I rest my case.

We were chosen by mew. It’s just not wanting to make you it’s full guardian yet since it’ll be putting you in more harm from the Lolly Pop Guild Cults.

wait what?

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Infernal cult.

We are chosen by mew dude. If you don’t believe me, it says it many times in the story that we were chosen by it.

Those are just assumptions by the people around us.

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Leave this one to MatPat.