Do speed changes happen immidiately?

I battled a mega gengar in the challenge championship and it outsped my greninja which has 252 speed ev, 31 speed iv and naive(-spdef,+speed) and the gengar mega evolved the same turn i used dark pulse and went first. Is the game going by gen 8 speed changes?

The wiki says no

Performing Mega Evolution will not alter the turn order, so a Pokémon with a lower Speed than their opponent will still go after them on the one turn the Mega Evolution occurs, even if their Mega Evolution increases Speed and would otherwise cause them to go first. The opposite is also true for Pokémon who lose Speed from Mega Evolution, such as Garchomp. However, turn order will be determined normally on every turn afterwards. All other stat changes and type changes of a Mega Evolution will take effect immediately and damage calculation will proceed as usual. (A Pokémon whose Mega Evolution possesses a lower Defense stat, for example, will take greater damage from Physical attacks on the turn of Mega Evolving.)

But the wiki is maintained by fans, so it may not be updated. I don’t know :frowning:

(btw minor correction to be that guy: the change in speed happened in gen 7, not 8)

Thanks for lmk! Also, speed chamges for mega evo. And ultra burst occured in gen 7 however every other speed Changing move occured in gen 8 @AttilaDorn

It is a known issue that the AI will receive Mega-related speed changes immediately. The player does not.

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Kinda unfair advantage, but considering how dump the AI can be, it’s more balanced than it appears. Especially for someone like me who spends countless hours at the USUL Batt’e Tree. I happened to learn the AI comportement by heart.

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Is there anyway to fix this? Also in insurgence the AI is pretty smart, like Giovanni’s mega kangaskha usually ony go for sucker punch if it can’t survive a hit (usually). Otherwise it goes for stronger moves like return.

There is no way to fix this.

Well, I can fix this but the reason why this hasn’t been addressed yet is that it will require me to rework Mega Evolution and so that it occurs at a completely different time with respect to the actions that occur during a turn. These types of fixes tend to have the greatest chance of breaking something else within the battle code which is why I refrain from addressing them in minor patches.

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Yeah, it would require to do another Speed Check during after the Mega Evolution. Plus, the game is following the Gen 6 mechanics and it only appeared in Gen 7.

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