Do deltas respawn?

so i just ran into delta ralts and accidentally one-shotted it. does it respawn after a certain point, or do i have to trade for a bred one? cuz i was really looking forward to a delta gardevoir or gallade. im currently at route 4 at the time of posting (with 1 badge may i add), so i dont currently have much to offer if i have to trade.

Many deltas, namely the static encounters, do not respawn. The only ones I do recall respawning are the ones located in hidden grottos.

well fucc. guess im gonna have to get further into the game to trade for one. not that i mind, i like trading. pokemon as whole just has a horrid trading economy imo

Do you have a delta bergmite, i really need help, i dont have much to offer but if you dont care about it i would be so grateful, thank you :slight_smile: