Ditto needed for Masuda breeding!

Trading Name: Ace

Offer: Female Milotic

Request: Ditto

Further info:

Heyo! I need a ditto from someone else for masuda breeding!!!

I can help ya, I can go catch a greek ditto

Woah! Thanks! that would be great! Trading name?


Lmk when ya can trade

Ok thanks

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Sure, lemme open my pc, I just woke up lol

Ok, u sorted?

Also, u don’t have to give me anything for the ditto just gimme a random mon

to me, the milotic is a random mon. once i caught it i just bred it to get a slighly better one lol!

Oh ok lol
(actually I need this thing for the dex, soooo)

So, I have to eat breakfast now, can ya trade in 45 minutes?

Yeah yeah! Don’t let me rush ya! Should still be on in 45

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Okie man, see ya later

Heyo! i’m back, whenever you can trade. I’m hopping off in 1 hour

off I hop. Better luck for me next time i guess!
thanks anyway

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