Ditto masuda method

Trading Name: Bellisia

Offer: Ditto

Request: Ditto

Further info: Need it for masuda method I’m from germany

Do you happen to have a random shiny instead of the ditto? I’ll give you a ditto from north america :))

No i do not have one

haha ok, maybe a rare candy then?

yes i have one

sure I’ll get one for that, and I’ll lyk when it’s ready

I don’t think masuda method works in this game tho

If that is true than i can keep this Ditto but that i would feel bad for saying i dont want to trade anymore. Well this is tricky.

does it have any 31 IV’s? if not might aswell trade it for some1’s ditto :man_shrugging:

One in speed. I know it is not much but i would use IV stones if simply keep it in the end. I only need 2 more i already have 3. And farming them is annoying as hell.

imo don’t, later on you’ll get a delta ditto wich can breed both normal & delta mons so you won’t rlly need the regular ditto

I am playing on hard mode so i need good stats to even beat the arena leaders without being defeated with one Pokemon. The Beedrill from Xavier had been worse enough.

I mean, I can get you a ditto if u rlly want i guess

If Masuda doesnt work i keep it and i had researched in Pokemon insurgence is Masuda impossible so i farm IV stones and use them. So i dont neeed one anymore.

Masuda does work as you can see in the insurgence wiki page related to shiny rates: https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/Shiny_Rate
I went to discord to ask and this was the answer

Well now i am confused as Hell.

So was I, but if you’re basing yourself off of old threads it most likely got added on the later patches? from the old posts everyone said it didn’t, but on the recent ones most ppl say it does work and so does the wiki i guess

Then i really need a Ditto. If that is okay.

let me just go grab one x)

Thank you