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Different language delta?

Trading Name: excee

Offer: i can offer you 3-4 iv stones per delta, or an englishdelta with the iv stones if you want.

Request:any different language delta with random ivs evs, nature and ability.

Further info:i wanna try the masuda technique backwards since someone suggested it.

are you talking about delta ditto? because that’s the only delta that can breed at all

but you can still breed the delta mon im asking for with my delta ditto right? technically masuda except the diffrent language pokemon isnt ditto.

yea that could work lol

the only person that can help me here is @GiaPeNiw, he is greek therefore he can get me one.

i am not the only person that can help u lol

well you are online so…

and i see you regularly.

unlike you, he has a life.
its the :sparkles: lack of respect :sparkles: for me.
stop being a bitch and look elsewhere, okay?

ok,ok just let this topic close then.

one last thing, do you mean that the forums are screwed then?

I mean if you wanted him to get you one, you could of messaged him and asked him.

well i did, along with another person. hasnt responded to us yet

then until you get a response back from them, don’t open a post.

ok, my bad

I mean, I never said I wouldn’t breed ya the mons u want, but, I have school, I don’t really have the time to breed things lol, I will do mah best

ok then. take your time i guess.

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