Dialkia; Palkia/Dialga Fusion

Hi I was bored so I made a Palkia and Dialga fusion, I named that baby Dialkia :wink:

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Got a question: What type would this be and how do you think you would get it?

Using the DNA splicers, and Dragon/??? idk thats a hard question xD

Fair enough. Honestly couldn’t think of one myself either, though I do like the design.

Why thank you :smiley: I made it a little based on the Jasper/Corrupted gem fusion from steven universe.


@CGroundonFist we should should make a poll to add some fusion pokemon! They are so cool xD

Yeah maybe but i want to still work on the delta johtos

@CGroundonFist Im having some trouble on the chikorita, hows the totodile going?