Dexnav Youngster Joey Exploit

Just started a nuzlocke expecting it to be hard, chose charmander, and found I could completely cheese the game by fighting Youngster Joey’s lvl50 Ratata. Just use confuse ray and it dies in 10 turns without hitting me, free 1000 exp…

This seems like an obvious problem, should I just ban myself from using dexnav?

Not really… if you want to over-level, then go for it.
But otherwise, there’s not much of a reason to, since the level curve is well-made.

nuzlockes aren’t hard if you decide to overlevel
just use hardcore nuzlocke rules or at least lvl caps

Hard mode nuzlocke is where it’s at!

i think the level caps are +2 of what they should be on hard mode and i’m too lazy to check

They’re accurate virtually all the time, except before the seventh gym, where the level cap is for the next Taen fight.

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  • Cult Leader Persephone, Prion Town. Level cap of 85.

it starts to make you able to overlevel after Leader Anastasia, Kepler Gym. Level cap of 60.
before they are probably fine but i dont want to check

ok I didn’t know there were level caps (I am on hard mode), that does kinda fix it.

Actually it means there wont be so much grinding, like I would’ve had to get a pikachu from lvl 5 to 10 to kill the lvl 12 skrelp, but with youngster joey I could skip the grind, arguably good.

Bruh a normal gem on metagross that’s like gross…

The game has quite a few evil revenge killers or meta comp designs. Look at the final Elite 4 champion fight, BOTH versions of it.

In the first version, the champ has multiple high value legendaries, and powerful damage dealers that can easily sweep an entire team by themselves. In the second, the opponent has EIGHT pokemon.

Oh yea, and there is a challenge to beat the Elite 4 faintless, while also under the E4 boosted difficulty rulesets. In easy mode, no rule modifier, in normal mode, the Set style is forced on you, in Hard mode, not only is the set style forced on you, but you can’t use your bag at all in battle (at the very least, the opponents can’t either. Which, considering that may protect you from a max revived legendary, may ultimately work in your favor).

Oh, and the E4+Champion auto-match your highest level pokemon. So no over-leveled sweeper to try and sweep through everything.