Dex Nav shiny hunting

In general how long does it take on average to get a shiny using the dex nav and is it better to go for the shiny charm first then shiny hunt? Im asking because ive only seen 2 shinies(not counting shiny deino) my shiny sceptile after 3 dex nav encounters and a shiny audino when fighting the level trainer and i like to shiny hunt and it seems the dex nav is the best way to do it

Without the charm: Dind’t test enough but I would probably say something between 2 to 5 hours or more.
With the charm: Under 2 hours reliably I would say but don’t get surprised if you go up to 5-6 hours w/o encountering one which happened to me a very few times.

If you plan on hunting a lot of them then for sure get the shiny charm first.

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@Bowlingwater how long did it take you to get the charm?

About 2 months or so but I saved almost all delta and legendary one-encounters and got their dex entries by trading with a lot of people in Insurgence Discord.

If you don’t care about saving one-encounters then you can probably get the charm under 3 weeks or a month but obviously it may take more or less depending on how much free time you got.


ok thx i have most of the legends except the lake trio and deoxys so im going to start getting the rest of the deltas and catch the rest as i go thank you for your help

Cheers, Good luck.