Dex Nav Guide

The DexNav is a feature from X and Y and its been in insurgence for a while now and ive never seen someone make a guide for it as dexnav is a very fun and important feature for the game.

The dexnav can be accessed by pressing d or in the pause menu. The dex nav can not be used if u dont have a mouse.

The map isnt much of a usefull feature as the others. All it does it shows the torren region’s map u cant fly, u cant teleport. Its preety useless.

Trading is similar to the Friend safari however u cant vist any bases and u can wonder trade or trade with an other player.
You can only trade if u have 2 pokemon on your party. After trading the game will automatically save the game. U can only trade with an other person if their online. If you wonder trade a mew it will turn into space mew and return to your pc. You can revert your space mew to normal mew if u use transform in a battle.

Using the memory chamber u can fight various trainers and level up and earn money, I wont list every trainer u can fight in the memory chamber but u can find it here.

This feature does not have a name so i will refer it to pokescan. Using pokescan u can filter for a spefific pokemon

After selecting the pokemon u may not find an pokemon or u might find an pokemon doing so.

the pokemon will not run away unless u sprint or use the bicycle.
After encountering a pokemon u cant stand at the same place and find another one it will result in a fail u have to move a bit.
When encountering pokemon using the dexnav the shiny chance is increased by 1/4096 into
1/768 and 1/256 with the shiny charm. You cant find surf only pokemon if your not surfing.
When using on a friend safari u can only encounter a weedle the shiny chance does not add up with the friend safari shiny chance.

Thanks for reading my guide i hope i helped you in a way.