Dex Completion

Any suggestions for completing dex quickly? I’d prefer to get UFI sooner than later, so help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Something that rlly helped me was keeping labeled boxes of things I needed to breed, evo, etc, since there a long of mons u can only get through evos/breeding.

For breeding: Only use d ditto for delta breeding (as it can breed w deltas and normal mons, in case u didn’t know)

For catching new mons: Save before legends and deltas so u can SR if u faint em accidentally. Legends are most easily caught with the snore ball + ancient ball combo, or a quick ball if you’re feeling lucky. For all other mons, usually false swipes + spore/thunder wave and an ultra ball (or delta ball for deltas/dusk balls in caves or at night) usually work p steadily. U can also level ball it if ur mon is a significantly higher level than the other mon.

Hope this helps!


Everything thePotato said + this: a lot of legends are very heavy, I found that the Heavy Ball works even better than the Ancient (mons like Lugia, Groudon, Giratina, etc. the big chunguses). Maybe I was just unlucky with the Ancient tho, I didn’t run the numbers :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, both of you! This will help a lot :slight_smile: