Dex Completion Requirements

I know if im before 1.2.4 i dont need kyurem to get the charm but are there any other mons that i can ignore to get the charm? (Im asking because i have all the legends except the lake trio and kyurem)

you need every pokemon except kyurem. good luck fighting devs.

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Ok thx any tips for fighting them my pokepon hasnt been giving me nature changes but i know how to ev train and ive got iv stones?

Personally, I think that EV training and IV training is enough to beat them if your team has good synergy and is at max level. Just save beforehand and be prepared to reset a few times. The fights are basically designed to make you have to go back and heal at a Center after each fight.

You don’t need to or I didn’t have to battle the devs to get the shiny charm and the ufo. I got a kyurem but not the lake trio.
Here the Pokedex showing the ufo:
Here is the Lucky Charm in the bag:
There are 921 pokemon in the Pokedex not counting 723-726. But I only need 917 to unlock the Mysterious spire and obtain the shiny charm.

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ok my team consists of mostly dragons so ill have to rework my team and look up their ideal ev spreads thx for the help

This is actually a bug in 1.2 that you don’t need certain mons. Something is wrong with the completion check and that isn’t actually intentional and I am not sure of where the check fails are how large the hole is, but just know it isn’t intentional you are meant to have every pokémon besides the 4 dexgap between Missingno to D Bulba to truly “completed” the game. @mewman658 @EndDuck