(copied from my post on reddit, just a fun little thing I did :D)

My Top 15 Fan-made Deltas From Holon University I Want In Pokemon Insurgence… So Far!

In no particular order…

Delta Goomy, Sliggoo and Goodra By /u/AChosen_Username (

Delta Dwebble and Crustle By /u/MorallyIncorrect (

Delta Riolu, Lucario and Mega Lucario By /u/Ubodot (

Delta Plusle and Minun By /u/powerpow365 (original post lost, check Holon Dex)

Delta Clamperl, Huntail and Gorebyss By /u/yungbro (original post lost, check Holon Dex)

Delta Venipede, Whirlipede and Scolipede By /u/DankRabbit (original post lost, check Holon Dex)

Delta Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir and Gallade By /u/PCTheSkitty (original post lost, check Holon Dex)

Delta Lotad, Lombre and Ludicolo By /u/Kalorian (

Delta Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam and Mega Alakazam By /u/Aboodie(…)

Delta Flareon By /u/bradleyinabox (

Delta Voltorb and Electrode By /u/Lime_Slime64 (Electrode - | Voltorb

Delta Meloetta By /u/mushgloom (…)

Delta Buneary and Lopunny By /u/mushgloom(…)

Delta Horsea, Seadra and Kingdra By /u/KazeBlack(…)

Delta Regirock, Regice, Registeel and Regigigas By /u/Lucci85 ( | | |,BdAml2M )

Honorable Mention:

Delta Dusparce By /u/PokeNerd123 (imgur removed)

Leave your favorites below! :smiley: I spent a long time making this easy to use and read so I hope you enjoyed! I tried not to do any repeats for artists but a few repeated… sorry!

My favourite is still the Delta Lotad line, i think it looks so so clean and professional, and it made me laugh. :smiley: all of those in your list are great!

For me, its the delta dragonite, ampharos and kadabra line.

Riolu and lotad line should go right into the game

Riolu is in the game, not sure about lotad