I am allowed to trade/wonder trade mons
3 lives for each mon
1 encounters per route(NPC trading doesn’t count)
If i lose a battle the nuzlocke is over
IF i do get a legendery/lv 120 mon IT INSTANTLY goes to my pc

When are you going to stop?

after every quest is done(including dev island) even tho i dont want to

i need someone to transfer some mons to my main

only 3

so i can restart

I’m currently hunting and I’m at about two hundred and fifty encounters


the only pokemon i will shiny hunt delta raltz

maybe my starter

Should i do dev island or not
  • yes
  • no
  • irdc

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huh nice
i also just saw 3 people die in front of me… :frowning:

i just beat orion only deaths were my delta axew who could of killed vulpix but orion spamming potions is bad but my delta charmeleon outsped and destroyed delta aron i sent out my delta ivy saur and calm mind twice and dstroyed the rest of his team i didn’t use potions hehe

y tf did you do this

Continue the playthrough

xavier died by me delta fraxure +4 att aqua jet until gengar came when i used fake tear and beat it @$$