Deltalocke request

Trading Name: IndianAnimator

Offer: What ever I can give u on my main

Request: Any deltas under lv17

Further info:

uh i have a d.axew that i got from a wonder trade

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what level is it?

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do u want a d.bulba ,d.char or d.suirtle
axew lemme check it

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D squirtle would be nice

…impish nature bad ivs …do u need it??

I’ve got relic song so what delta do you want

yea @Emerald24111 might have good ones

I literally had so much time I did all eight puzzles

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same lmao


umm D Squirtle is good enough



how are these 2?

:open_mouth: beldum

oop jsut realized the torchic isn’t HA, I can change that

i already have a pyshic type

me and my d.squirtle crying in a corner lol

lmao rip


how’s this?

just realized you already have a water type lmao

i only have a D Bulbasaur