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Deltalock Run: Something Snazzy!

Ew, I got Bold first try.

And then Sassy wtf.

The nature is decent but the Iv’s are bleh, then again I could just fine an IV stone in the future.

Keep or try again?

We have the dexnav so Imma do some trading for Deltas.

If you guys have some spare ones with decent natures, I would appreciate them.

On both Squirt and Char, you want Modest/Timid. I prefer Modest Squirt and Timid Char.

Uhhh, Modest or Timid D. Squirtle?

I’d think he’s a Physical Attacker.

Modest preferably, so you hit harder, as you wont be outspeeding stuff.

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Ok, I’m using Charmander anyways.

Then Timid. All three are best as special attackers if you go offensive.

Synchronize Syncs natures as well in the wild, right?


Cause I got a Naive Abra with Sync


I’ll use that to Nature Hunt for some things.

■■■■. I just got a Modest Togepi but I can’t use it lmao

I’m gonna keep playing til we hit something important.

stop cursing