Delta Zubat line

credit to Oroshibu and princess-phoenix for use of shapes

they are dark/ghost type.


i know i suck but i felt i need to make it just tell me how bad it is.


I think they’re cute! The shinies are pretty!

Man what is wrong with you, these are Awesome.

IDK, I like them all except their faces (NO offense). It just seems weird in my opinion. I still like them though.

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Cool beans.

they’re not bad, they’re great!!!

I have a feeling we are seeing something different than what he posted. You should be proud of your work. Many people (such as me), could not create a delta at all, and here you have made a great one!

Something that I think could be a nice touch since it is a ghost type, is to put some sort of gas following it. But like of said, it IS already great.