Delta Zangoose

Type: Fighting/Dark
Ability: Blessed desert (Immune to fire attacks and strengthens ground type attacks)
Dex: This is the original form of Zangoose before its fight with Serviper. This pokemon is an incredible hunter and its ears are sharp like horns and can rotate 360 degrees.
Possible moves:
Sucker Punch
Drain punch
Bulk up
The Set animal!!! this thing was the (possibly) most powerful hunting animal (in egyptian mythololgy) similar to a Jackal with a pointed dual snake tail.

You say similar to a jackal, yet it looks like the cat/mongoose it always has been. As with literally every other critique I’ve done of your artwork, you need to use selective shading. The collar is an odd shape, like it would be restricting arm movement. The eyes need some form of highlight so it doesn’t look like a machine, and as with your seviper, don’t be afraid to put some pattern on there.

What do you mean by Patterns?

Like the zigzag on ludicolo, or the spots on feebas, and the little ruffle pattern on unfezant.

Ok so add like hieroglyphs or fur to it

Or zigzags or whatever.

do you just want me to add Zig zags Edit:I know its just you seem very zig zag oriented

Do what you feel will look good.

i agree with boro. also i dont see the fighting or dark type in it and the shading looks odd

Please explain to me what MAKES A POKEMON A FIGHTING TYPE!!! WHENEVER I MAKE ONE YOU SAY YOU DONT SEE IT SO PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO ADD!!! (sorry im just really tired of hearing that )

There are 57 fighting type pokemon. Look at them for ideas, but DO NOT copy and paste parts from other pokemon

Your right i looked through the pure fighting types Have Clothes or at least some thing similar to clothes that looks like it (except for fighting type Arceus) so i added more clothes to the pokemon and fixed the collar/necklace thing And i added pants and a bracelet

It looks like a fire-psychic type rather than fighting dark