Delta Yveltal

Yveltal - Baleful Pokemon

Poison / Fire

Ability: Vicious Aura

Powers up each Pokemon’s Poison-type moves.


Supposedly engineered by a long defunct cult as a combatant against
fairy-types, but it’s violent nature has made it a nightmare to control.


Anyways, (sort of) first Delta Pokemon! I wanted to start off with one of my favorite Pokemon, though it may have come out a bit edgier than I was planning it to. Feedback and ways to improve the design or description are greatly appreciated!

(Also first ever post here actually, so if I’ve made a mistake just let me know and I’ll fix it as soon as possible)

(EDIT: Changed to most recent design, older version here and here)


The changes in this design are so minimal that it’s hard to tell what exactly was changed, so as of now, it just looks like a recolor at first glance. Also, i’m not really getting a fire type vibe from it, as it looks like it’s just a poison type. The only fire-like thing on the body is the smoke, but even that can just be mistaken for poison gas. I would suggest finding a way to better incorporate a fire visual into the design, perhaps on the wings or claws, as they seem to be the most unchanged areas.

(Accidentally hit reply too quickly on that last one, whoops)

I kind of figured that the edit was a bit plain, or at least difficult to tell what the type was. How does this one look instead?


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Yooooo this is super dope, well done my man

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Yo, these looks freaking amazing, would have been cool to have added this to the game :smiley: , and shiny is not that bad. Nice Job!

To BigWarmLoaf:
That was super dope!!! Not to say the original one was bad.

this should be added