Delta Yanma line

This is a fan delta line for Yanma, because Yanma always looked interesting to me (and I was originally going to try Vivillon but couldn’t think of a good delta design for its pre-evolved forms yet).

They are grass/flying types. It still feels like they could use more improvements but I’m having a hard time deciding where to edit. Any critiques or suggestions are welcome! Thanks for looking :slight_smile:


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Wow, these are actually really nice looking! The shading might be a bit more detailed than most other pokemon sprites, but dayum these are some good quality ones.
Like honestly, who cares if it has bad stats ability or movepool, I’d have this on my team no matter what.

(psst thats because everything is great and theres nowhere to edit)

Wow! You are extremely talented! (and a lot better than I am!) Do you have a Deviant Art or Tumblr?

Another dev has commited suicune due to how good this was


This is amazing! I want this for my team in insurgence.

Good job on this, looks good :slight_smile:

these are probably the best quality sprites i’ve seen in a long time, awesome job!

Looking at it again, that would make a lot of sense since they still look like dragonflies :smiley:

Thank you for the kind words! Perhaps it does look a bit too detailed; when I drew in the plants it looked kind of empty without drawing the plant veins in, so I added them in and removed them a couple of times, and I’m still a little undecided about them since Pokemon tends to use more simplistic plant-like extensions :s

(sorry I just figured out how to reply to multiple people at once)

@EchoTheThird Thank you! I do have a deviantart, but I haven’t updated it for quite a while because I was very busy last year and ended up taking a hiatus from art-related things for about 8 months >.< I’m trying to pick up on art again and I was playing this game recently and I loved it, so I wanted to make fan art!

@TheVenomWithin @g3rn07 @Aboodie @Tylez Thank you!

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HOLY CRAP These look f#$%ing amazing oh my god

BULL SHIT :sunny: Are you expert or something thats like better than the original one honest.


Amazing. If you don’t mind, can you tell me what program you used to make these 2 awesome delta Pokemon?

Yeah, could you tell us the program you used to make this?

Err, could someone perhaps close this post because of multiple nercoing?

I hope I don’t sound stupid or anything, but what do you mean by multiple nercoing?

Saying something on a post a month or 2 later. It’s referred to as grave digging in other forums.

Normally I’d agree but this is just an outstanding ∂Yanma, I think we should still be able to give feedback and praise.