Delta Yamask

I’m going to start off by saying I love almost everything about this Pokémon, from the really cool spraypaint can? design to the fact it is the “first” poison/steel typing Pokémon I have seen in any spin-off game. However I feel as if the move pool is very lack lust, I get it, it is a tank that you can set up with support moves but beyond that its just meh, the best move it can learn is Explosion which defeats the purpose of it being a tank. IS it just me that thinks the learnset needs a little fine tuning or what?

There are quite a bit of issues with a lot of mons, this being an example of one. I love what they did with other mons, but others just seem…underwhelming. However, we are here to talk about Delta Yamask.

I do agree that Delta Yamask’s movepool is very limited, but first I want to talk about its other qualities. It does have some unique abilities, but they contribute usually sometimes, being Aftermath, Infiltrator, and Wonder Skin. Typing wise, for a tank, it has a lot of resistances, being in a 1/2 resistances to Normal, Flying, Rock, Steel, Ice, Dragon, and Fairy and 1/4 resistances to Bug and Grass. It also has immunity to Poison, of course. Of course, this leaves it being 4x weak to Ground (a common type of attack) and 2x weak to Fire (a pretty common type of attack)

Now, onto actually talking about the movepool (I will be talking about mainly about its evolution, Delta Cofigrigus). It’s certainly something. It doesn’t get reliable recovery and instead gets Pain Split as a tutor move, so it won’t be surviving a long time. It still gets access to Will-o-Wisp as a TM, which is very useful for a tank to have. It gets access to foul play as a tutor move, which is also somewhat useful for tanks to inflict decent damage, but the irony of is that is conflicts with Will-o-Wisp. It gets an okay attacking movepool, getting access to Flamethrower and Earth Power as a Delta Cofagrigus (TM and move tutor, respectively). It also gets Block and Perish Song, don’t know if you are invested in that?(pretty niche to me, also move tutor and by level up, respectively) It just doesn’t have the setup potential that its former self had. It doesn’t get access to Calm Mind or Nasty Plot and can get Autotomize by level up but has an abysmal 30 Base Speed. It has no means of making that low speed stat useful because it get access to Trick Room. It gets Clear Smog by level up, so it may be able to stop setup. It is kinda of an interesting case because it has the stats and typing to be a tank, but its support movepool is pretty shallow to pull it off. (doesn’t even have Knock Off) It does get screens (by TM), however, but I think that is the mainly the extent its support. Very unfortunate for this mon.