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Delta Yamask, please help

Trading Name: mewman658

Offer: don’t have much, if u want something i have a delta i can offer

Request: delta yamask

Further info: i wouldn’t mind, if they were just hatched, i kinda want them on my team, but don’t want to have to play through the entire game just to get them, help would be appreciated.

I’ll trade you one for an IV stone. I can train it to a certain level if you want as well (probably below 50 tho xD)

ok, lemme get an iv stone real quick

sorry I’m hatching dratinis and I had to clear them out before hatch the yamask, but it’s ready now. My trading name is hulaunicorns

(also if you want a decent IV dratini for free lmk cuz I have about 30 rn and I’m gonna have to release some of them to clear my box anyways)

i got the stone, ill take a dratini too i guess lol

great, im logging on now

i typed in ur user but its not working ?

hey, idk but ive been gone awhile, so i dont remember exactly where to trade, can you tell me? i tried going to the online thing in my secret base but it doesnt show anything thatll let me trade

oh ya np, it’s on the dexnav (either press d or go to the menu and dexnav). You can be anywhere in the overworld. The online part that has trading is the middle of the three smaller buttons with a link image on it (you have to click it with ur mouse)

(idk if you needed all of this detail but i provided it just in case xD)

ohhhhh yeah sorry its been like a year

Haha nah dw about it! Thanks for the IV stone :)))

thanks for the yamask!

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