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Delta Woobat and Swoobat



My first attempt at creating Delta Pokemon. I went for a more “vampire” theme, something befitting of a Dark/Poison type line. The colors black, crimson, and purple are often intermixed into vampire aesthetic, and befit the typing as well, so I chose them. The wings are bigger and have claws as well as more visible digits, the ears are bigger and separated, the fangs are bigger, and the spiky fur is a bit spikier. I also added pointed tails reminiscent of something unholy as depicted in media meant for younger audiences (imps, demons, etc). Swoobat’s feet are now clawed. The noses are inverted vertically from the normal version, as the shape more closely resembles the noses of vampire bats this way. Swoobat’s eyes are yellow, which is a color commonly chosen for the eyes in depictions of creatures of the night, or villains in general.


Please tell me it sucks blood with its nose :laughing:


Shouldn`t the heart be like, heartbroken