Delta Weedle Line

Okay, first here are the deltas.

Delta Weedle

Delta Weedle: The Worm Pokemon

Types: Bug/Grass

Pokedex: A tiny worm Pokemon. It has a tiny flower petal on its back. When it prepares to evolve it eats the petal.

Delta Kakuna
Delta Kakuna: The Stump Pokemon

Type: Bug/Grass

Pokedex: To prepare for evolution it stays stationary building up its energy. It stays in this position for so long a tree starts to grow around it.

Delta Beedrill

Delta Beedrill: The Tree Bee Pokemon

Type: Bug/Grass

Pokedex: After evolution it has fused with the flowers and trees that were once growing around it. The leaves on the tree rotate to allow it to fly.

Firstly, maybe make kakuna more than a recolor.

Secondly, for beedrill, perhaps leafy wings since it is going to be a grass type if you are going to stick with the bug/grass upon evolution, along with like some other things like leaves and such, just an idea

I know it’s a recolor, but how do I would like some recommendations because I have no ideas

Well, for starters maybe make it a grass type like the rest of the evolution and give a mossy like look? I do like the bug/grass typing for the evolution because personally I see a pokemon that is either leafy bee or MAYBE tree like, like, either go for making it with greens and leafs or make it like it is tree bark.

Or hey, maybe both, just ideas.

Delta Kakuna

Delta Beedrill

How are these?

Kakuna definitely improved, with beedrill, perhaps make the chopper leaves bigger, by the way, I really like that idea

Delta Beedrill

How 'bout now?

Better, all I can say is perhaps just touch around and add some things and such, improvements indeed.