Delta Weather Trio

Gave a shot on the electric rayquaza from the the TCG inspiration thread. He is themed after a short circuit or something like that.


I like it! It looks really detailed, nice work! 10/10

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yup, looks pretty good, my only suggestion would be to make the wires on its head seem more natural looking with a smoother transition into them, and make the face more robotic looking. but overall nice job :slight_smile:


Short circut ZAP! No but seiriously, It looks great!

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Can we please get this in the game

I love your design, especially the cuts it has in his body. I would recommend changing up his head a bit more like Demon suggested and change the outlines of the blue and red wires (make them a darker blue and a darker red respectively)

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Who else wants a delta mega rayquaza based on this design




Fun design! I love the separated segments. The battery makes me smile.

Forgot to mention I did the suggested edits on Rayquaza. Also I went ahead and gave a shot at a rock type Kyogre, let me know what you guys think and what typing should Groudon be?


Maybe make groudon a fairy or poison type

I can see Groudon Taking on a Grass or Steel Typing. Steel one looking like a Giant mecha godzilla thing

I think a grass groudon could look well. Or poison

These designs are amazing. Also, for some reason, I’d love to see a fairy type Groudon.

Give groudon flying type it would be epic or maybe steel

You could give Groudon a fire typing (groudon is a ground type) and make him look like a lava wave, similarly to how muk looks.


That Groudon looks amazing!

Woah that’s an amazing Groudon! Great job!

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All of them look unbelievably great. Keep up the fantastic work. :slight_smile: