Delta volcarona request

Trading Name: RicardoxTx

Offer: anything

Request: Delta volcarona

Further info: modest nature preferably, and iv doesn’t matter, i’m going to breed for max iv, ty

I can definitely help you with that. You said that you specifically wanted Volcarona, right? How far into the game are you?

Nvm, I am just a moron. You must be postgame if you are gonna breed for max IV, but the D. Larvesta I got had Hardy instead of Modest, so I think you might want to breed this one into Modest before you start perfecting its IVs

Hey, I have the D. Volcarona. Contact me when you can

@Egill since u can breed can i get one?!?!?!

Sure thinh! Sorry for the late response. You should probably contact me when you wake up if you live in the americas

im here @Egill

Alright. Contact me on Discord (just copy and paste Egill Úlfar#6759 into “Find or start a coversation”)

Cannot use discord.

hey, did you alreadly got a delta volcarona? if not, i can send you one

I can get you a D. Volcarona pretty easily anyway, so should be no problem if you didn’t already get it

@Egill Alr, just cannot use discord. im in 3rd gym and heard D. Amored Volcarona is OP

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