Delta Victini (also called Wick'dini)

Big sprite :



Delta Victini



Types : Type_Dark

Pokédex :

No one know why it keeps wearing this ruby pendant. It painted itself fake eyes behind its head to scare whoever dares surprise it.

Ability : Competitive / Victory Star (I’d like to set Competitive but still Victory Star is its signature ability so Idk)

Lower page note (I’ll copy this to the end of the main post of each delta artwork topic I do, to be sure everyone know) :

I know that the Pokémon Insurgence game is on a feature lock and I know this Pokémon I made won’t be added to the game. I made it for myself and just wanted to share it with you all, even if this section is a bit dead by now. Hopefully that you like my work though!

(If you want to leave some comment about it, I’d be glad!)

PS: I made this one on the demand of : Jellehfied



Wow this is really good dude. How do you make such good designs so quick? By the way I love how the V is a W, it’s really creative!

Thank you!

I’m using and I used real Pokémon sprites as a base of work!

And that’s W for wicked :smiling_imp:

Aha yeah i use too, never been able to edit the models tho, just change the colours. I’m bad at that xD. Btw for something cool you could do a unique typing delta excadrill? (Something random idk why i’m picking excadrill but another typing could look really cool)

I’ll look for it later! By unique typing you mean never seen or 1-typed ?

As in like never seen before :slight_smile:

Edit: Maybe like fairy fighting? Just a random type I thought of that I don’t think exists?

I’m finishing it atm, and there will be a unique double type indeed :wink:

But I prefer do something a bit logic, with some background, so I won’t make everything unique just to make random unseen types!

Nicely done! Gotta love seeing a wicked Victini.