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Delta Vespiquen or Delta Typhlosion

I just caught Delta Cyndaquil and Delta Combee, which one should I train?

Cyndaquil, for if you want a competitive team when he’s fully evolved. And Typhlosion looks AMAZING.

Actually, for competitive, D. Vespiquen can be considered better. Only train D. Cyndaquil if you’re running a rain or moon team, else the payoff isn’t worth it.

D.Roserade>Mega.D.Typhlosion change my mind

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They could work well in synergy if you don’t have a Pokémon with Noctem.
Teach New Moon to Rosey (who will have a Dark Rock), then switch to Ty on a presumably safe turn and mop the floor.

Yeah yeah, I get it. But delta Typhlosion looks better.

Can’t disagree with that… also, the god damn Shiny Mega D. Typhlosion (Active Mode) is one of the (if not the) sickest shinies.
And I just got it :3

i was once trying to catch a modest or a timid one i dont remember and i got 2 shiny cyndaquils one was the nature i wanted my ditto was foreign but still thats crazy luck
i dont like purple so its not very high in my top tier shiny list if it was red its the best shiny no cap

Nah, D. Rose is arguably a better abuser due to the STAB Lunar Cannon and Shadow Dance.

Okay, now let’s leave the competitive stuff to Smogon.